strengthens, strengthening, strengthened
1) VERB If something strengthens a person or group or if they strengthen their position, they become more powerful and secure, or more likely to succeed.

[V n] ...the new constitution, which strengthens the government and enables it to balance and check the powers of parliament and president...

[V n] To strengthen his position in Parliament, he held talks with leaders of the Peasant Party...

[V n] He hoped to strengthen the position of the sciences in the leading universities.

2) VERB If something strengthens a case or argument, it supports it by providing more reasons or evidence for it.

[V n] He does not seem to be familiar with research which might have strengthened his own arguments.

3) V-ERG If a currency, economy, or industry strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it increases in value or becomes more successful.

The dollar strengthened against most other currencies...

[V n] If the Government wants to save the Pound it should start by strengthening the British economy.

4) V-ERG If a government strengthens laws or measures or if they strengthen, they are made more severe.

[V n] I am also looking urgently at how we can strengthen the law so that similar cases of profiting from such heinous crimes do not happen in the future...

[V n] Community leaders want to strengthen controls at external frontiers...

Because of the war, security procedures have strengthened.

5) VERB If something strengthens you or strengthens your resolve or character, it makes you more confident and determined.

[V n] Any experience can teach and strengthen you, but particularly the more difficult ones...

[V n] This merely strengthens our resolve to win the league...

[V n] She began to believe that Nick would survive, and every day that came and went strengthened her conviction.

6) V-ERG If something strengthens a relationship or link, it makes it closer and more likely to last for a long time.

[V n] It will draw you closer together, and it will strengthen the bond of your relationship...

[V n] His visit is intended to strengthen ties between the two countries. [Also V]

7) V-ERG If something strengthens an impression, feeling, or belief, or if it strengthens, it becomes greater or affects more people.

[V n] His speech strengthens the impression he is the main power in the organization...

[V n] Every day of sunshine strengthens the feelings of optimism...

Amy's own Republican sympathies strengthened as the days passed.

8) VERB If something strengthens your body or a part of your body, it makes it healthier, often in such a way that you can move or carry heavier things.

[V n] Cycling is good exercise. It strengthens all the muscles of the body...

[V n] Yoga can be used to strengthen the immune system.

9) VERB If something strengthens an object or structure, it makes it able to be treated roughly or able to support heavy weights, without being damaged or destroyed.

[V n] The builders will have to strengthen the existing joists with additional timber.

10) VERB If the wind, current, or other force strengthens, it becomes faster or more powerful.

As it strengthened the wind was veering southerly...

[V-ing] There was a short sharp shower followed by a strengthening breeze.

English dictionary. 2008.

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